Lady Mens gave me a lovely new Tumi trolley bag to replace the very embarrassing (because broken) one I had. The included combination lock looked funny, so I glanced at the instruction leaflet for the lock, wherein it says:

The Tumi combination lock is recognized by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), and allows the TSA to open the lock using special access codes should the need arise for a security search. This lock can then be re- locked by the TSA with no damage to the lock or your bag.

WTF? I may be a bit naive sometimes, but is Tumi trying to tell me that they give a backdoor into my luggage to persons unknown to me? That these persons can open my luggage, rummage around, extract (or even worse, insert!) items into my luggage, and close the lot up without me noticing? And I thought the Vorratsdatenspeicherung was bad enough… That lock is going straight into the rubbish.