I’ve finally found time to look into the crashes that we’ve had with a “secondary” OpenLDAP installation. I’d reported that we were experiencing sporadic crashes (sometimes once a month, sometimes three times a day). The first thing I did was to upgrade OpenLDAP to the newest version in the 2.3 branch (don’t feel like going to 2.4 at this moment), so I installed 2.3.42, and quickly switched running processes, without anyone noticing. It then occurred to me to really check which version of BDB slapd was using. (I had of course installed BDB from source, with Oracle’s patches.) Oh. :-( fuser says the shared object is not the one I expected, which probably is the reason for the crashes. I’ve restarted slapd with the correct shared library, and all is quiet. So far. :-)

LDAP and Linux :: 05 Jun 2008 :: e-mail