Accessing WikiPedia is easy when you’re online, but have you ever wanted to take it along with you for off-line situations? I have, and there is a lovely program to do so for Windows: WikiTaxi. You don’t have to install the program; just extract it from its 7zip archive and put it in a convenient location somewhere on your Windows drive. After downloading one of the page dumps from Wikimedia, you convert (to SQLite) the compressed page dump file (e.g. enwiki-.....-pages-articles.xml.bz2) to WikiTaxi’s format with the included importer program, which takes a while: on my system the converter ran for just over an hour to translate the full WikiPedia compressed XML source (3.3GB) to WikiTaxi’s format, resulting in a 5.89 GB file. wikitaxi WikiTaxi is well documented, and it is fun to use. The only thing missing are WikiPedia’s images, but those are difficult to acquire.

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