You just can’t beat support in Open Source, and I’ve proven it time and time again. Here is another: I thought up a nifty little idea for my upcoming book as regards DNS notifications, so I called upon the maintainer of Net::DNS to help me. He added a bit of functionality to one of its modules, which I only got around to testing late last night. A little bug bugged me, so I called upon him again and described my problem. After thinking about it (which I should have obviously done to start with), I sent him a small fix. Only minutes later he replied with his own patch that now very elegantly solves the problem. Total time between feature request and solution: about half an hour. You just can’t beat support in Open Source. If necessary (and if possible), you fix it yourself. And what is the nifty little idea you ask? Hah! Forget it! Buy my book. ;-)

Books, DNS, and dnsbook :: 19 Feb 2008 :: e-mail