I’ve kept this quiet until now, but since I’m approaching a point at which I can smell a “product”, I might as well spill the beans: I’m writing a book. It started off like this: but I’m quickly approaching the 500-page mark, much to my astonishment. I’ve always wanted to write a book but never thought I’d be able to create more than about fifty pages on a single topic. After chatting to a publisher last Summer, I worked up an outline that I started to like, and it has been uphill since then. It is a hell of a lot of work, but I am greatly enjoying it. At least until the moment when my copy editor takes it all to pieces. I’m writing about alternative DNS servers, very much concentrating on services provided by programs other than vanilla BIND, although I do discuss two special instances of it. As soon as I’m prepared to do so, I’ll post a Table of Contents. It would be a bit premature now, as I’m still fiddling with the order of Chapters, etc. Yep: I’m writing a book.

LDAP, Books, MySQL, DNS, and dnsbook :: 06 Jan 2008 :: e-mail