My candidates for top notch utilities in 2007:

  • Exim and OpenLDAP remain high on the list of enterprise utilities; they are both unbeatable.
  • VMware continues to be a daily lifesaver.
  • I’ve probably spent more time with a text editor in the last six months than in the last several years. All the more reason to appreciate vi.
  • 2007 marks the year in which I got to know LaTeX, the document preparation system. An incredible tool.
  • RedHat has the best Linux server distribution, and CentOS make it available free of charge.

One thing I experienced several times this year is what lousy tools Windows has on board; I commiserate with all who have to fight with or against Windows, and I hope 2008 brings you a real operating system. :-)

LDAP, Mail, Exim, Vmware, and CLI :: 28 Dec 2007 :: e-mail