Two upgrades performed since yesterday: one on a ReadyNAS NV, and the other on SafeBoot. First the good: I upgraded my ReadyNAS NV+ from its web interface to RAIDiator 4.00c1-p2, which was completely painless and works as advertised, directly from the FrontView web interface. NV upgrade One reboot later, the system was up and running. Beautiful. Then the bad and the ugly: I wanted to upgrade my SafeBoot installation from version 4.2 to version 5 because the speed of hibernation has increased thirty-fold in the newer version. No problem, thought we; install the new version, reboot and bob is your uncle. The reboot looked promising and the hibernation really is very much faster. What the program doesn’t tell you though, is that it totally fucks up the partition table. Now that is one bit of miserable software (I mean the partition table. Oh, and I also mean any software that screws with it). Not that it deletes partitions, but SafeBoot sort of moved some sectors around. Not much mind you: the situation “before”:

/dev/sda4 : start=128744910, size=105691635, Id= f
/dev/sda5 : start=128744973, size=105691572, Id=8e

the situation “after”:

/dev/sda4 : start=128680650, size=105755895, Id=8e

You’ll see some bits missing (duh!) and a little bit of “movement” in the sizes and starting sectors of the partition. Now, might that be a reason why my Centos doesn’t want to start up any more? :-( About seventy two reboots later, after having uninstalled SafeBoot (meaning two hours for decryption), the system was back to normal. Oh yes, we called support, after all that is why you have a corporate support contract, isn’t it? Their answer: “it appears that the partitions have been changed. Reinstall the system”. Good thing, a support contract; we wouldn’t have otherwise known… Damn them! I’m back to SafeBoot 4.2. Thanks for fifteen billable hours wasted!

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