The days when drawing consisted of making little boxes thusly

+-------+    +--------+
| Query |    | Server |
|       >---->        |
+-------+    +--------+

are definitively over, and as such, I have to find an alternative. There are masses of drawing programs out there, but I need Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as output because of some post-processing required. I need firewalls and servers, as well as flow charts, you know, the kind of stuff an admin would draw. The first program that comes to mind is the very powerful Inkscape which, in the hands of an artist, can do some pretty things. But: I am not an artist. Graphviz also does marvellous things, and I’ve experimented a bit with it. I can get it do do simple trees very nicely, but the buck stops there. I then thought about using Visio, which I don’t own, so I borrowed a PC to quickly smack up a few boxes and lines and saved that as SVG, hoping to be able to finish it off with Inkscape, but SVG isn’t necessarily SVG, at least the result was atrocious. I’m back to square one. Any ideas?


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