I’m in the process of revamping and consolidating the way I handle, store and process e-mail. Having neglected to get things done properly for quite a while now, this became an urgent task. The MX for mens.de is hosted by my provider. From there, I pick every thing up with getmail, sorting messages into folders automatically, etc. Within my network, I can access the whole lot with IMAP. Outgoing mail is handled with Exim of course, and generally speaking, all works to my satisfaction. There is one thing that irked me though: I have two very important people foreign to my SOHO network who have mens.de addresses, and since that domain is handled locally, I had to resort to work-arounds to get messages to them. I’ve finally got around to fixing that, a cinch with Exim. An Exim router handles that nicely:

 driver = manualroute
 domains = mens.de
 local_parts = lsearch;/etc/exim/localparts-mens
 transport = ...
 route_list = * ...

The file localparts-mens contains their user names, one on each line, and the rest is magic.

Mail, Home, Exim, and IMAP :: 03 Sep 2007 :: e-mail