Growl logoGrowl is a notification system for Mac OS X which allows supported applications, of which there are lots, to send you alerts or notifications. These pop up as bubbles on the screen. There are several built-in styles, and more available. Installation is easy and well documented. After installing it, browse the applications catalog. I very much enjoy the Firefox addon that notifies of completed downloads, and there are plenty of others! The Growl developers thankfully thought of CLI users: they supply a command-line tool aptly named growlnotify which can be used to similarly send a notification from a shell script, for example. But what about the world outside of your Mac? The Tao of Mac have created a small PHP class, netgrowl.php which can be used on web pages (or from the command line with php -f filename.php) to send Growl notifications. A Perl port of that is also available as Mac::Growl::Net. Very useful indeed. The source code is available under a BSD license, and further language bindings can be had for the asking.

Linux, MacOSX, and CLI :: 02 Sep 2007 :: e-mail