It has happened again: I’m stumped with a trivial bit in Lotus Notes (the hard ones tend to be easier). This time it is a field in a mail document with a name that contains a hyphen or dash. It is an RFC 822 header that is sent in via SMTP. These are converted by Domino to underscores, and I want the field content in a view of folder ($Inbox). @Getfield underscore? What is the problem with that field name? The documentation specifies that a field name must begin with a letter and can include letters, numbers, and the symbols _ and $. Whether I use a hyphen or an underscore makes no difference. If I click on Display Field I see it there, but it doesn’t do anything! If I send in a message with a field not containing a hyphen or underscore, I can grab it without any problem what so ever. The only hint I’ve found is here, but that doesn’t help much. It is probably trivial; can someone help?

DomiNotes :: 24 Aug 2007 :: e-mail