The 1st International Conference on LDAP is being held in Köln (Cologne) on the 6th and 7th of September of this year. The program sounds very interesting and includes a number of topics that interest me. Here is the current list of abstracts.

  • Directory Standardization Report by Kurt Zeilenga
  • OpenDS: not just yet another LDAP server! by Ludovic Poitou
  • OpenLDAP 2.4 Highlights by Howard Chu
  • Architecting the Modern LDAP Renaissance: The Apache Directory Vision by Alex Karasulu
  • A Reference Schema for LDAP-based Identity Management Systems by Frank Tröger
  • ACL Design behind IntegraTUM’s Decentralized and Delegable Group Management by Daniel Pluta
  • Design of a Directory Tree by Giovanni Baruzzi
  • Apache Directory Studio, a new Open Source LDAP & Directory Tooling Platform by Stefan Seelmann and Pierre-Arnaud Marcelot
  • Complexity in a Global Directory Backbone by Hilla Reynolds
  • Spring LDAP - Java LDAP Programming Made Simple by Mattias Arthursson
  • The Highs and Lows of Integrating LDAP with XML by Steven Legg
  • LDAP Proxy and Virtualization – Requirements vs. Capabilities by Abdi Mohammadi, Robert Polster, Andre Posner and Cengiz Tuztas
  • LDAP Stored Procedures and Triggers in ApacheDS by Ersin Er
  • Scaling Directories, Design & Deployment Considerations by Abdi Mohammadi, Robert Polster, Andre Posner and Cengiz Tuztas
  • The FederID project by Clément OUDOT
  • Moving LDAP writes to Web Services by Kostas Kalevras
  • How to write highly efficient LDAP Applications and stop swamping the server by Felix Gaehtgens
  • Lessons learnt from Samba’s LDAP backends by Volker Lendecke

Registration is open. I’ll be going.