GnomeI’m a sticker for exact window positions and want my mail centered, my browser on the right, etc. Whether or not remembering window positions is a task for the window manager or for the application proper, is debatable. Be that as it may, the Gnome Desktop in Linux with the MetaCity window manager doesn’t remember window positions. A nifty little application called Devil’s Pie adds the functionality I need. Some describe it as a

totally crack-ridden program for freaks and weirdos who want precise control over what windows do when they appear.

Its syntax is easy enough; to position Firefox where I want it I use this

(if (is (window_name) "Mozilla Firefox")
     (geometry "937x972-24+5"))

in my ~/.devilspie/firefox.ds. Each app can have its own .ds file which is a Good Thing™ because it eases deployment of configurations. A Linux Magazine article has some more examples.

Linux and CLI :: 09 Jul 2007 :: e-mail