SafariAt the WWDC, Steve Jobs announced the availability of the Safari web browser for the Windows platform. In spite of having my doubts, I couldn’t resist and have installed it. The very first thing I test is accessing a site secured with a self-issued SSL certificate. Safari complains that it cannot connect to the site because it couldn’t establish a secure connection to the server. I realize this might be a bit premature, but surely, the Apple developers thought of certificates? I can’t find anything in the preferences, and Safari doesn’t use the Microsoft Certificate Store. The supplied help file isn’t quite communicative either… Duh! That was copied off the Mac OS X help: Windows has no key chain. :-) I’ve also browsed through C:\\Program Files\\Safari, but there is nothing suspicious to me there either. I’ve complained before about Safari’s (on Mac OS X) lacking in this area.

Security and MacOSX :: 11 Jun 2007 :: e-mail