I always say: You Get What You Pay For. I have been proven wrong. The event was free of charge, and He who is Small but perfectly formed, She who must be obeyed, the A/V Bloke, She who must also be obeyed, the Token American and The Mad Scotsman did an incredible job in organizing the event and getting excellent speakers to come to Dublin. The guys and gals who organized the ILUG 2007 not only deserved but also received huge rounds of applause and a standing ovation. I spoke to many people, who were just as impressed as I was on both the organization of the event as well as the quality of the sessions and the speakers. Both days were fully packed and were thankfully separated by loads of cold Guiness, enabling a total “reset” of the brain before the second day kicked off. After Daniel Nashed’s Demystifying IBM Lotus Domino and SMTP Messaging, I enjoyed hearing about some of the OpenNTF.org work by its founders: Bruce Elgort and Vince Shuurman. That was followed by a kick-ass session by Bill Buchan; I now know why he is called Wild Bill. ;-) Domino Domain Monitoring with Kathleen McGivney led into a very drunken session called Speed Geeking, which was interesting, funny and must have been quite a load on the speakers shouters. After said Guiness, my Friday started off with a recap of Last year’s Lotusphere with Kristin Keene, followed by an interesting session on Managing Spam with Warren Elsmore. Even though I wouldn’t use Domino’s built-in facilities (instead relying on Open Source to protect Domino), I listened closely. Sean Burgess presented Extending the New IBM Blogging Template and two IBM chappies then introduced Quickr and Connections. The afternoon followed with Gregory EngelsPimp My App with Ajax and the best show of the day was Rob Novak’s Guiness’s Revenge; funny, great demos and, well, Guiness! The Wow! was in Dublin.

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