Apart from the GetDocumentByURL method, LotusScript doesn’t natively support GET or POST requests over HTTP. Some time ago I was looking for a portable method of doing HTTP from LotusScript, but apart from a Windows-specific implementation that uses xmlhttprequest I didn’t find anything. Julian Robichaux has been a great help. He has written an LS2J wrapper which does more or less what I want, except that it doesn’t do HTTP over SSL (i.e. HTTPS) with Notes 6, although it might be made to do so with this; I haven’t and won’t try. Julian got the wrapper running on Notes 6 after I’d complained bitterly ( ;-) ), and he added some functionality I was missing, including HTTP status codes. He has put a number of samples in a database and he’s offering it for download. Go get it! Thank you Julian!

DomiNotes and Apache :: 23 May 2007 :: e-mail