Another silent update from Nexthaus: SyncJE 2.23 for BlackBerry. I’ve been using SyncJE for some time now, and I’m very pleased with it. Even though they have an OTA installer, you have to install the Windows executable to find the change log. :-( I’ve done that for you:

Changes to Version 2.11
* Added option to set client timeout in settings
Version 2.20
* Added option to choose between WAP, MDS or BIS-B Internet connection method.
Version 2.21
* Fixed problem with local time and reminders
* Fixed wrong number of recurring events for week and month
* Added X-RIM-DCID field to contacts for PTT or DC support for iDen phones
Version 2.22
* Fixed registration problem
Version 2.23
* Fixed all day events problem with certain servers

If you look at their News page, the last update was in February of 2005! Why? What is the point? These guys make good software. Why don’t they publicize it better? A few months ago, I even went to the trouble of writing them a message to this effect, but I was rewarded with silence.

DomiNotes, BlackBerry, and SyncML :: 13 May 2007 :: e-mail