A year has past since we completed the mail servers in the Far East. Due to issues with IMAP over slow connections, we were forced to deploy small mail servers loaded with Exim, Dovecot and OpenLDAP installed on them. The systems have performed flawlessly, and the data provisioning via LDAP sync replication was the right thing to do. What remains an issue are the lousy connectivity to some of the locations. We have a bit of trouble when connections break that the sync-replication doesn’t reconnect. In those cases, we remotely restart the LDAP server. Support remains a bit difficult of course, but we have the excellent Mantis as a buffer between us. Early this year, we had quake-related trouble, but that was solved when the broken underwater cable was repaired. One major advantage of our system is that we carefully monitor it and always know what is going on.

LDAP, Exim, Linux, IMAP, and Nagios :: 05 May 2007 :: e-mail