A guest operating system in VMware’s Workstation can access a shared folder of the host OS, which is very useful for transferring files from the guest to the host or vice versa. Unfortunately, neither the Player nor the Server products support that feature, meaning that transport of data from guest to host or back requires rethinking. For a guest image running on a Linux host, there are a number of simple solutions: the guest can use FTP or HTTP providing the host has an appropriate server on it. Another simple method is to set up a Samba server on the host, and let the guest (yes, also Windows) access a share on that host. If the host’s Samba should only be visible from the guest (i.e. it shouldn’t be reachable from outside the host’s environment), I can limit its visibility either by adjusting firewall rules (iptables) or by letting the Samba name daemon and server listen only on a specific interface.

bind interfaces only = True
interfaces = vmnet8

In this example, my guest is using a NATted interface which is defined on the host as vmnet8, and I’m forcing Samba to listen only to that interface. Neat.

Linux, Vmware, Apache, Security, and CLI :: 13 Apr 2007 :: e-mail