Novell As mentioned previously, we are having a very close look at Novell’s Open Workgroup Suite. My first and second impressions are that the suite can solve most if not all of the wishes at my client’s sites. We could, at least theoretically, provide both Linux (SLED) and Windows XP workstations with a quite homogeneous software base, which would include the Novell Client of course and Open Novell Edition. Deployment on Windows XP workstations would solve a number of interim problems such as applications unavailable for Linux and, since Microsoft’s commitment to supporting XP is quite long–term, the platform could continue to be used before attempting a full–scale migration to Linux on the desktop; many are scared stiff about that. :-) On the back end, we’d deploy a number of OES servers loaded with eDirectory, probably complemented by our numerous OpenLDAP directory servers, at least for some time to come. I haven’t as yet decided whether Identity Manager is an option we’d want to use, but I will be investigating it in due course. iPrint appears to offer everything with regards to printing, including maps and automagic printer installation on clients, and iFolder is a goody that might come in useful. At the moment we are unsure of file serving. Novell’s NSS with an underlying SAN is an option, but there are other possibilities, and we haven’t as yet decided what would be best in the current very heterogeneous environment. I doubt whether GroupWise would be implemented because they have a functioning Lotus Notes & Domino environment. Never the less, because of lacking work flow applications the Lotus components are quite overkill for many users (many don’t even use calendaring…). After a first look at GroupWise, I’ve been studying it further, and it would fulfil most user’s needs quite satisfactorily I believe.

LDAP, Mail, and Linux :: 12 Apr 2007 :: e-mail