The download completed, and I performed a clean install onto my laptop. The installer is nothing much to rave about: your typical Java look and feel, and a surge of 100% CPU utilization on Windows XP during the last agonizing four minutes of the installation. The UI looks good. Much better than any Notes so far. I like the RSS feed reader on the sidebar as well. Feedsme Good job there (although I do hope it supports HTTP proxies; haven’t tested that yet). I looked at some of the preferences, without actually changing anything. Apart from this dialog popping up at least five times invalid
values which makes me wonder why those invalid values are there in the first place (a clean install, remember?), I got an error upon hitting OK which rendered the client useless. Upon attempting to quit Notes, and after confirming that I really wanted to, I got this: whaddayameancantquit But there was no Notes left to switch to. I killed off the tasks manually. It is a Beta, after all. ;-) The Exposé-type view is sexy, but I can’t find the Database menu anywhere (you know, File - Database, …), and it appears as though the Workspace can’t be set as default. My allotted 60 minutes for the first test is over.

DomiNotes :: 12 Mar 2007 :: e-mail