I perceive the negative press on Microsoft’s Windows Vista to be more widespread than when Windows XP was initially released. If I recall correctly, at the time many shops wanting to upgrade from Windows 95, 98 or what have you, where loudly complaining, but they seemed to accept the fact that there was nowhere else to go to. News about organizations not moving to Vista abounds. Only last week, the US Dept. of Transportation allegedly stepped down from a possible move to Vista, and today Slashdot reports that the FAA may ditch Vista for Linux.There are also plenty of negative reports on compatibility, such as this one, but that was to be expected. Apart from having once booted Vista, I haven’t otherwise looked at it, and I’m not going to if I can avoid it (which I won’t be able to completely :-( ) Since the initial launch of Windows XP, Linux on the desktop has become very much more mature, and Apple’s Mac OS/X is of course also there. How many large deployments of Vista will there be? Or rather, how many more deployments of Linux or Mac OS/X will there be?

Linux and MacOSX :: 07 Mar 2007 :: e-mail