One of my highlights this week, was to assist a consultant in configuring the LDAP parameters (you know, the hard stuff, such as hostname and search base ;-) ) in a GUI of a product I refuse to name here sold by a company I also refuse to name. I’d already given the consultant in charge the required values, but he failed. Whilst I was assisting him, he asked me where and how I’d acquired my knowledge, as he hadn’t as yet been able to find any decent documentation on Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. He had so far only “copied stuff from some screen shots made by a colleague…” WTF? Ever thought of doing this or this? Or how about this or this, just to mention two more. Please, companies: raise your prices and invest some of that money to train your people before letting them loose on paying clients! Some of the folk you are sending out are a shame to the industry.

LDAP and Books :: 16 Feb 2007 :: e-mail