Without having the foggiest idea of what I was doing, as I’m not terribly familiar with the SAP Web Dispatcher, I assisted in importing a Thawte issued certificate into SAP’s so-called PSE. The only reason I stood a chance, is that I am a bit familiar with SSL certificates and OpenSSL. Generating a private key and creating a certificate signing request (CSR) is easy enough and is well-enough documented, although we had to fumble around with the State, but I found some help on how to do that. We then submitted the request to the certification authority (Thawte) and got back a nicely signed certificate in a PEM format, which we tried to import using the sapgenpse tool. In order for that to work, we needed the root certificate. I downloaded the Thawte Root Certificates which come in a zip file, and converted the one we needed (i.e. the certificate of the signing authority) to PEM format: openssl x509 –in ThawtePremiumServerCA.cer –inform der –out t-root.pem after which we were able to perform the import into SAP’s PSE store: ` sapgenpse import_own_cert –p my.pse –x PIN –c my.crt –r t-root.pem ` As usual, once one knows how to do something, it is easy. ;-)