Have you ever asked somebody on the Internet for help? I have. Several times. Usually it is because I’ve found some sort of program that either doesn’t work (I’ll usually drop those quickly) or that has a bug I’d liked fixed. If I cannot fix it myself, I’ll ask the author, the maintainer of the program, or a mailing list where that program is discussed, for help. I like being asked for help. If I can spare the time, and if I know something about the topic, I’ll gladly give an answer to good questions. This little bit arrived today over the wire:

I have 8 requests for thunderbird that can’t be answered in the mozilla forums, i tried many times and noone has an answer, if you can give me fixes for a few of them or even one that would be kind of you

Well, let me start off by mentioning that there were not eight, but ten requests on the list. :-) I’ll show you one of them:

  1. I’d like to have the New Message icon appear along with the already implemented function that turns the view panel’s subject & date’s fonts to Bold when i right click on messages and Unselect mark As Read

Right. That was just number one. Dear reader: you might have found the odd mention of Mozilla Thunderbird in my humble collection of ramblings, but that does not mean that I’m a developer of that product nor that I even have a clue about what you want. Consider your numerous questions answered.

Entertainment :: 18 Jan 2007 :: e-mail