Nokia now offers software updates for the German versions of the firmware for select mobile phones. Before updating, check their web site whether an update actually exists for your phone! Before I started the update I used the magic incantation


to determine the current version, which was unmodified after both the 43 MB download and the heart palpitations that go with a firmware upgrade. I backed up my phone’s memory to the memory card, and as an additional precaution, I used Content Copier to back everything up to hard disk. The software updater warns that the mobile’s battery must be full and that the USB cable should not be disconnected during the update (duh!), before it starts downloading updates from the Internet. Additionally it forces the user to connect the charger to the phone (why then, the warning of the full battery me wonders?). Nokia phone updater Since it checks for the charger, why doesn’t it check for new versions before downloading and installing something that isn’t newer than what is on the phone already? At least the progress bar was accurate. ;-) After the update and an automatic restart of the N70, the device was back to square one, and I restored my settings and software from the memory card. I book twenty minutes of wasted time. via Heise Online.

Software and Mobile :: 15 Jan 2007 :: e-mail