A very interesting question in my inbox by a reader, regarding the use of an Open Source mail server (in this specific case they want Exim, which IMHO is a very good choice) and push mail. The current state of Funambol with regard to push mail is unclear to me, but I am skeptical, so I suggested either pull mail from a mobile phone, or preferably, BlackBerry as a BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) device, even though details of it are well hidden. The reader replies that in the Arab Emirates, BlackBerry service is expensive. I determined that their service provider Etisalat appears to offer BlackBerry service for the equivalent of about EUR 40 with a flat rate, which is not too expensive compared to prices here, and I explicitly pointed out, that a BlackBerry Enterprise Server would neither be required nor desirable in his situation. It would appear to me, that BlackBerry don’t advertise the different possibilities of using their services clearly enough. I know it is hard to distinguish BES and BIS because I read several kilograms of paper before understanding what it is all about. Update: my reader replies:

I called etisalat and they informed me that I can subscribe to blackberry by simply sending r bis185 as an sms to 1010. !!! it was that simple. I downloaded the blackberry software for sony ericsson m600i and entered my email and login information .. and thats it .. it works perfectly.

Good to hear; another happy customer.

Mail, Exim, Linux, and BlackBerry :: 13 Jan 2007 :: e-mail