As previously hinted at, I purchased a license to Nexthaus’ product called SyncJE for BlackBerry in order to try and fulfil my synchronization wishes. I got version 2.09 and installed that on my BlackBerry 8700 without any problems. Nexthaus also has an OTA (Over The Air) download located at, which is of course the easiest method of installing the program. Upon start, the application presents itself so Status The initial menu is easy enough to understand as well: Status After setting up the program with the details of my server, it is a cinch to use, although I do hope that the next SyncJE version shows a bit more detail after the sync (perhaps number of adds, updates, deletes? This is a bit meagre: Status after Sync In comparison, this is the status as supplied by a Nokia N70 phone; not very verbose either, but perhaps a bit clearer: Nokia N70 Sync Status And while I’m at it, the debug log isn’t very explicit either, at least not to non-developers of the product. ;-) Debuglog after Sync Don’t get me wrong here, it is far better than nothing, but a bit hard to understand. Perhaps the common name of the entry being synchronized could be displayed? That would certainly be a great help. Apart from that the program just works.

DomiNotes, BlackBerry, and SyncML :: 12 Jan 2007 :: e-mail