Nospam ButtonThe two new buttons we created for our Lotus Notes users have indeed eased the pain with regard to reclassification of spam and ham mails which are sorted accordingly, but they unfortunately do not suffice: many users are unhappy with the time it takes for Dspam to retrain on messages of certain correspondents. I’m changing the backend (i.e. the machinery behind the “nospam” button) to instead whitelist the email address for the user whenever she presses the button. In order for this to work, I’m creating a 2-tuple with user and email address in our LDAP directory server as soon as a user hits the button. This LDAP entry will then accumulate a list of addresses a user never wants to have spam-checking done upon (with all the disadvantages that entails). A sample LDIF for a user jane would be

dn: cn=jane,ou=SA-Whitelist,ou=Gateways,dc=example,dc=com
cn: jane
objectClass: nisMailAlias

That part of the backend is ready and implemented. The next part is a bit more tricky and involves creating a custom function for MailScanner, which is hooked into this directive

Is Definitely Not Spam = &JPscanWhite;

This function will take the incoming message from MailScanner and determine sender and recipient addresses to look up the 2-tuple in the directory entry for the recipient. If a match is found, the message will be whitelisted and won’t be otherwise spam-checked (malware will of course futher be checked for). I have done some tests and am confident that it’ll work.

LDAP, Mail, DomiNotes, Exim, and Spam :: 08 Jan 2007 :: e-mail