Piconews is both a small program which runs on a BlackBerry as well as a web site where users can comfortably manage the feeds that piconews receives on the handheld device. News items are pushed to the device if it has a direct connection to the Internet, but piconews falls back to a poll method in case that isn’t possible, for example when the device is behind a corporate Mobile Data Service server. Piconews Piconews can be downloaded from the download site and is also available over the air (OTA) from http://piconews.com/piconews.jad. It is free of charge to use, but the device owner pays for connectivity and data of course. I’ve been using it since I got my first BlackBerry, and I enjoy the simple but effective interface as well as Piconews’ offline capabilities.

BlackBerry and Mobile :: 07 Jan 2007 :: e-mail