I got a very nice response back from Synthesis AG regarding a couple of questions I had after I had a first look at their SyncML Server. One of my questions was wether a personal type license exists. There is a single- user license for USD 180 which can be purchased online. The only limitation is that only a single sync can be performed simultaneously, which ought not be a problem when provisioning just a handfull of users. As mentioned here, ct magazine readers get a license for the “PRO” version of the SyncML server, and that is the one I finally installed on my Centos server, which already had unixODBC and MySQL installed on it. After creating a database for the syncML data, and setting up the database schema as per the Synthesis-supplied .sql files, I copied the server executable and its configuration file to its own directory and tested wether it could actually access the database. This test I did with the Syncml Client. When that worked, I compiled the supplied mod_sysync for Apache and installed that as per instructions, then setting up a Location handler for Apache

<Location /sysync>
  SetHandler sysync-handler
  sysync_Debug Off
  sysync_SessionProcess /usr/local/syncml/bin/sysync_session_odbc
  sysync_ConfigFile /usr/local/syncml/conf/syncserv_odbc.xml
  sysync_PipeDir /usr/local/syncml/pipes
  sysync_browserPage /sysync.php

after which I restarted the web server. After checking that the web server can read the XML configuration file and that the log directory and the pipe directory are writeable by the same (user apache, nobody or wwwrun depending on the platform), I proceeded to test with the SySync client which worked at once. My Nokia N70 then synced flawlessly with the new server. A test with Nexthaus’ SyncJE Client for Outlook Express version 3.0 also worked immediately, as did their SyncJE Client for BlackBerry version 2.09, which I will probably purchase. Nexthaus outlook express Synthesis supply a number of unsupported PHP scripts with which users can be created in the MySQL database (useful for those who don’t want to INSERT INTO ...). One of the scripts allows updating the contacts in the database, useful for testing whether changes to the database will be synchronized back to the client. I haven’t as yet got those running, because my ODBC for PHP reports ** glibc detected ** double free or corruption, which is no fault of Synthesis. Which of my friends wants an account? ;-)

MySQL, Linux, Database, SyncML, and Mobile :: 23 Dec 2006 :: e-mail