If you’ll pardon me paraphrasing Don Vito Corleone, Novell have an offer that is quite difficult to refuse, or at least difficult to completely ignore. Their Open Workgroup Suite includes the Novell Open Enterprise Server currently based on Suse 9, from the second quarter of next year, on SLES 10, Novell Groupwise, Novell ZENworks Suite, and Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop. The price list for this package of software lists EUR 103 per user or per device, at the client’s discretion, allowing an unlimited number of servers to be deployed. Novell Open Enterprise Server includes eDirectory of course, which then powers the enterprise. Novell Groupwise contains about all most enterprises would need with regards to messaging and calendaring (and there is a BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Groupwise!), and SLED, the desktop, is a very beautiful looking Linux workstation. I don’t know much about ZENworks, but it looks very powerful indeed. At that price, the offer is indeed hard to refuse. We’ll be looking very closely at this package in the next month or so.