For almost three months now, the toolset I wrote for pushing out pages to BlackBerry devices via the MDS has been in production, and has been performing well. I apparently didn’t point out clearly enough, that when a device is out of coverage, or when a device is switched off, the MDS will attempt for ten minutes to deliver the page, and will then stop. This of course means, that if the device doesn’t get back in coverage within that time, the information will not reach the handheld device. I’ve had complaints of missing data on BlackBerrys due to this fact. One workaround is for the customer to open an older page and click refresh to retrieve a newer page version. Another method would be for the software to attempt pushing the page to the handheld every ten minutes (the notification URL informs me whether or not the delivery was successful, so that would be possible) or so. I don’t like this idea.

BlackBerry :: 18 Dec 2006 :: e-mail