In preparation for an upgrade of our external Exim mail gateways (the maintenance contract for the hardware has expired and new systems were purchased), I bought and read the official book of MailScanner. This excellent software has been working flawlessly for us for several years now. Just in the course of the last 20 days, MailScanner has grabbed over sixteen thousand bits of junk malware out of the regular mail flow! The guide to the world’s most widely-used e-mail security and anti-spam system, as the book subtitles itself, has a user guide and a training manual, the latter by MailScanner-author Julian Field. I was a bit disappointed by the book: the first part, in effect a reference manual of the options, is about a hundred pages. The second “Tutorial” part consists of commented slides, interesting if you want an overview of MailScanner. I suppose I’m most disappointed about the reference containing three “LDAP”-setting names but nothing else on the subject (I know from good source, that MailScanner can retrieve its settings from an LDAP directory, but that interface has never been documented. Why then, did the author of the reference include them?) Never the less, we will continue to use MailScanner, as it is hard to beat.

LDAP, Mail, Books, Exim, Linux, Security, Database, and Spam :: 20 Nov 2006 :: e-mail