Marty Heyman wrote yesterday that he and Howard Chu are working on a book on OpenLDAP. Since he hasn’t yet posted a link to Amazon where I can purchase the book, nor has he sent me the ISBN number, I’m supposing they haven’t got it to the publishers yet. A book by the Directory Guys. Wow! That’d be a nice Christmas present! ;-) (I’m not begging; I’ll buy the book.) Old LDAP Book Let me give you my 0.01 Eurocents worth. Leave out the first three chapters that will be called something like Introducing Directories, Organizing your Data and Everything you always wanted to know about directory services; those chapters are included in every LDAP book I have, and they are always more or less repetitive, boring, incomplete or all of the above. I doubt anybody can top Tim Howe’s Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services, so don’t even try. You guys at Symas have added more functionality to OpenLDAP than probably anybody else, and you know it all, so give it to us. Here is my wish list for the table of contents of your forthcoming book:

Building OpenLDAP

Give us the ins and outs of `./configure` with SASL, Kerberos, Perl and whathavenot. Must we apply the sundry Berkeley DB patches floating around or not? Backends

bdb, hdb; why? and why not? DB_CONFIG

Give us the formulae! Perl Backend

Real life with the Perl backend. Take it up where [Reinhard E. Vogelmaier][7] left off. SQL backend

What is needed to get slapd to talk to MySQL or PostgreSQL; configuration tips, advice SASL

Show us how and what and why. Kerberos

Why does it look menacing? cn=config

What can be modified? Where are the ins and outs? Syncrepl

Configuring, Scenarios, Monitoring Backup and Recovery

Planning for disaster, both after a simple crash and when the databases get corrupted. Can I have more than one master? Monitoring slapd

cn=monitor, Nagios back_ldap

ldap to ldap slapd-meta

[Black Magic][8] behind the scenes? Rewrite Map

Rewriting blues Tuning

Make it faster, slimmer, better. I suppose a lot of this information is around somewhere. The [OpenLDAP Admin Guide][9] starts off well enough, but then suddenly stops when it ought to get interesting. Then there is the [Faq-O-Matic][10] which contains some good tidbits, but it is hard to find out whether or not they are dated to older OpenLDAP versions. The [mailing lists][11] contain plenty of information (with a lot of good stuff by Howard), but here again, a lot is dated. Oh, and one last thing: do hurry up, please?! I have a long flight coming up in a fortnight, and I need a good book to read! ;-)
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