Three weeks ago I found out that our local kindergarten has neither computer nor an Internet connection, and believe me, I was quite astonished. I spoke to the administrators and offered to give them an older computer of mine, help them get their telephone contract upgraded to at least an ISDN if not DSL connection and get them online. On the one hand, my intention was to give a good impression (which I continuously miss out on when invited to help do the gardening), on the other hand I find it deplorable that, in this day and age, a large kindergarten misses out on the possibility to do research on the Internet and be available electronically. It turns out that in the three weeks a lot has been going on: the institution has acquired a computer and has already begun discussing the Internet situation. But they’d greatly appreciate my help in getting an online presence; something like a web site on which to publish dates and happenings. I’ll see what I can do. ;-) I have already explicitly said though, that I will not be available for first-level support with their computer; if the printer doesn’t print they may not call me.