I’m searching for a portable way of performing HTTP GET and POST requests (preferably also HTTPS) from LotusScript. I’m aware that Java agents can do that of course, but I need it in both the Exiting method of a field as on a button. So far, I’ve been using Joshua B. Jore’s NotesHTTP.lss script library, for which there doesn’t appear to be a definite repository any longer (I’ve tried mailing Joshua for permission to post the file, but have only received delivery failures so far). This LotusScript class uses calls to wininet.dll on Windows and works quite satisfactorily. Another interesting method is on OpenNTF’s Code Bin, and is named XML Over HTTP (is this the original?). It uses Microsoft’s XMLHTTP objects to do the work. Both these methods work on Windows platforms, but only on the Windows platform. What do people do with Notes running on Linux or Apple’s Mac OS/X ? Any ideas?

DomiNotes, Linux, Apache, and MacOSX :: 20 Oct 2006 :: e-mail