One of the first larger programs I wrote with the Lotus Notes C-API (then still on 5.0) was a command-line tool to be used by the Domino administrators to register new Domino users. The program prompted for a userid, extracted the relevant user details from our OpenLDAP directory and registered the user in Lotus Domino, thereby creating the user’s mail-file as well as a replica thereof on a second server. The program has been in use for over six years now and has helped in both a very fast initial migration of users to Lotus Domino as well as subsequent ease of administration in registering new users. At the time, we (I was involved in the roll out of Domino) decided to not use the interface in the Lotus Administrator program because it wasn’t (isn’t?) able to create replicas and there were a number of fields we wanted set in the Domino directory (NAB) Since the machine on which this program (and other required utilities) runs is being phased out, and since I am the only one around who understands what I did at the time :-), I decided to roll the package into a Lotus Domino add-in task, giving the administrators a simple database with which new users can be registered. Create User As soon as the user identifier is entered, the Notes interface retrieves the user’s current details from the LDAP directory and populates the user’s password field with a random password. The administrator chooses a certifier for registering the user and the user’s home server and then saves the document. Register user Pending documents are picked up by the add-in task for processing. The user’s ID file is created, the Domino directory entry is populated with all required fields including company name, Sametime server, etc. The user’s mail-file is created and a replica thereof is created on the user’s pre-defined replica server. The last steps performed by the add- in are to populate the OpenLDAP directory with the user’s modified details (if required) and to attach a full log transcript to the document in the registration database. In my lab the system is performing very well, and I plan to roll this out in the course of the week to the productional systems.

LDAP, Mail, DomiNotes, and Apache :: 16 Oct 2006 :: e-mail