In spite of my loathing of anything with this label on it, I spent half the weekend helping a dear friend move her contacts from a broken CX65 to a new SL75. (How on Earth can one buy one of those devices now?) Getting the contacts off the CX65 with the old Mobile Phone Manager (MPM) software was no problem, and I quickly had a CSV file with all contact details in it. Then came the business of connecting the new SL75 via Bluetooth to her PC. To cut a long story short, that failed miserably (of course), and I resorted to using my own laptop, on which the damn MPM software failed to find its own phone. Since I had above said CSV file, I twisted that into Windows Address Book and then used the OBEX Synchronization profile of the Widcomm BT-stack to get the data back onto that little pink bit ‘o hardware. All in all, a horrendous waste of time, but the pleasant dinner (and the laughs at the expense of the manufacturer) made up for it. And a warning to all of my friends: don’t call me if you have a problem with a BenQ/Siemens mobile phone, unless you want to be put on the list of my ex- friends. ;-)

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