The Lotus Domino servers in our environment are fronted by a small battery of Exim Mail Transfer Agents (MTA) which use both SpamAssassin and DSPAM to try and filter out as much rubbish (a.k.a. UCE) as possible. Both tools insert a number of headers to indicate that a message is Spam, but these SMTP headers are unfortunately invisible to a stock Lotus Notes client: it cannot filter on them. So we use the Subject: header, which is modified to contain a magic word on which the Lotus Notes client can then apply a rule and directly delete the message or move it into a Junk folder. As a service to our users we wanted to create the rules in the mail file automatically. Since a rule is a simple document, we thought we could create the document in the PostOpen event of the mail file’s database script. That was easy enough. There have since been reports of rules being “messed up”, in as much as other rules have stopped working. Sometimes opening and resaving the rules have fixed their handling, whereas at other times, only disabling & deleting and subsequently recreating the rules has helped. Oh, and Chris, if you are reading, I won’t say it again. * Pun intended

Mail, DomiNotes, and Exim :: 05 Oct 2006 :: e-mail