Contrary to some expectations, the roll out of BlackBerry devices to the management is running quite smoothly. Since it is quite impossible to get the high echelons together at once, they are being instructed one by one (thankfully not by yours truly) on the general concepts and use of the devices. The device owners appear thrilled to have mobile messaging (calendaring doesn’t seem to be quite a priority, probably because their secretaries manage the calendars) and are pleased about the information that is pushed to their devices. It does appear as though the 8707 has some problems, though. Apart from the sporadic disappearance of the browser, we’ve had a number of JVM errors on the devices at all sorts of times, quite contrary to my experience with an 8700 device. The BlackBerry Enterprise Server built on VMware Server is performing admirably at the moment, and it is being closely watched at all times. If everything continues to run as smoothly as it has been so far, I’ll be able to move on to new things…

BlackBerry :: 04 Oct 2006 :: e-mail


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