Visits to Japanese restaurants during the course of the last twenty years, never managed to really turn me on; I much preferred Indian, Vietnamese or Chinese preparations. That is, until Christoph “forced” me (because he paid the bill ;-) ) to a Japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf. Not only did I greatly enjoy that evening, but I actually raved about it when back at home. Inspite of not having eaten Sushi, that raving prompted the missus to surprise me with a Sushi course which I attended last night. The course is held by the owners of Confetti Bielefeld in their private home. It starts at five PM and lasts until eleven in the evening. There were six of us sitting around large tables layed out with bowls of sticky rice, nicely cut fish and vegetables, and whatever else was needed. To cut a long story short: this was the result of the course (all prepared by yours truly!) Self-made sushi All in all, a long but enjoying experience. I don’t know how often I’ll actually be preparing Sushi in the future, but for very special occasions I’ll see if I can get my fingers sticky again.

Food and Entertainment :: 24 Sep 2006 :: e-mail