<rant-mode> Forums suck. All of them. At least all I’ve had the displeasure of having to wade through. I get the impression that the software is slow & lousy apart from having useability worth nada. Many search functions are only named that because it takes a while to find the search. Page loading takes light years due to all the stupid avatars that start blinking around in order to distract from useful content. Obviously: there is no useful content. The forums I know of are haunted by childish fools who spend their days and nights answering carefully worded questions with: “well’ I don’t know anything at all about what your [_sic] asking, but welcome to the forum. great your [sic] here!_”. The other forums, those that possibly don’t qualify as above, also suck. There is no way to get a thread read properly without either opening a dozen browser windows or tabs. Bah! </rant-mode> I find it most unfortunate that in many areas forums have replaced Usenet newsgroups.

Uncategorized :: 13 Sep 2006 :: e-mail