It happens time and time again, and some people only learn the hard way. I was called at home late this evening because an internal company memo with a poll had been mailed To: fifty or sixty recipients, and one of them answered the questions with a reply to all. It is a bit of a shame that the answers he or she gave, appear to have been unsuitable for all to see… Could I do something about it? Nope. Shit happens. Bad luck, mate! We can’t go digging into people’s mail files looking for a message to delete. And anyway, on who’s orders? With the laws in this country, doing stuff like that is completely out of the question, quite apart from the fact that I consider it unethical. Think before you write: use blind carbon copy (Bcc), to protect yourself and others.

Mail, DomiNotes, Exim, and IMAP :: 04 Sep 2006 :: e-mail