We’ve had five cases of the BlackBerry (MDS) Browser disappearing from BlackBerry devices; it happened on a 7290, an 8707 and an 8700. Not only is the icon removed from the home page, but the whole functionality is gone: a click on a URL in an email for example, has no effect whatsoever. Resending service books from the BES doesn’t help. Pushing out the IT policy doesn’t help. Reverting to a default IT policy doesn’t help either. The only cure I’ve found so far is to wipe the device and re-activate via enterprise activation. This issue may or may not be related to a JVM error (200, 534) having occurred on the device shortly before the browser goes South. Any ideas? Update: I logged a call with the Vodafone BlackBerry support. It appears to be a known issue on devices with OS 4.1, and it is caused by service books misteriously disappearing. According to them, if you re-issue the service books from the BES to the device, the browser reappears. Perhaps I didn’t wait long enough when I tried that on the weekend? 2006-09-04: according to Vodafone, there is currently no known method to solve the problem bar a total wipe of the device!

BlackBerry :: 29 Aug 2006 :: e-mail