Due to my disappointment about the BlackBerry 8707 not having a TCP/IP stack, I’m currently testing an 8700. Sizewise, the two devices are almost identical. The keyboard of the 8700 is a bit more cramped and optically not as well layed out as on that of its larger brother, but I find the keys to require less pressure which is good. The trackwheel also feels “softer” and causes less of a cramp in my thumbs, but that just might be due to my hands. Vodafone’s theme on the 8700 isn’t a patch on the elegant theme of the 8707, which is disappointing of course (I find most of the themes, specially those supplied by RIM, are ugly and lack contrast) All in all, the software on the 8700 feels faster than that on the 8707, and what of course is a huge plus, is the embedded TCP/IP stack. Now, when will RIM get their stuff together and put TCP/IP into the 8707?

Hardware and BlackBerry :: 17 Aug 2006 :: e-mail