After getting our BlackBerry Enterprise Server running in a VMware server, I’ve added health monitoring of some of its services to Nagios. BES Network Apart from network connectivity (ping), we are checking the Domino server of course, as well as successful SRP connections to the BlackBerry network. This I enabled by installing an Apache server onto the BES machine and adding a small Perl CGI script based on the one found in the BlackBerry Hacks book (hack #75: Send an Alert When Your SRP Is Down). Considering there is a full Domino server on the machine, I could have used Domino’s otherwise idle HTTP task, but I prefer Apache. Nagios also does two sets of SNMP queries on OID (besTotMsgsPending) and on OID (besSysHealthSrpConnectedState), whereby I cannot get the latter to show a zero, so I hope the SRP test performed with bbsrptest is more reliable.

DomiNotes, Nagios, Vmware, BlackBerry, and Apache :: 10 Aug 2006 :: e-mail