After having set up a BES and ensuring that PIM synchronization works, I took a BlackBerry 8707v with me to Spain. Inspite of some missing functionality I am generally quite pleased with the device. E-mail capabilities are excellent and I have nothing to complain about. I could even read the odd Power-Point presentation which I received during my holiday: not bad on such a small device. The keyboard is good and the display is quite perfect. At a pinch, the Internet browser is workable, but only for sites that don’t require Javascript. I failed miserably at trying to find a flight because many airline sites make heavy use of Javascript which makes the site all but useless on the BlackBerry, so I resorted to the traditional method: drive to the airport and ask at a counter. :-) I’ve used several “Internet- enabled” phones and PDA(Personal Digital Assistants) in the past without ever being really enthusiastic about them. The BlackBerry is the best device I’ve yet had the pleasure in using.

Mail, Internet, and BlackBerry :: 05 Aug 2006 :: e-mail