8707I’m testing Vodafone’s BlackBerry 8707v and it really is a beautiful gadget. The screen is superb, the trackball has just the right size and location (at least for my hand) and Vodafone’s default theme is beautiful. The keyboard is a little on the small side for my big fingers (I seem to have less difficulty typing on the 7290), but I could live with that. The home-page is very useful as it shows new messages at a glance. I haven’t yet found out how to customize that home page (I’d get rid of the SMS entry, replacing it by the Internet browser if possible). I like the menu key and there is a comfort key on the left of the device which can be assigned to launch any desired application. Unfortunately I was only given a GPRS connection and not UMTS, so I haven’t had any experience yet with the faster network.

BlackBerry :: 25 Jul 2006 :: e-mail