Professional BlackberryProfessional BlackBerry by Craig James Johnston & Richard Evers covers sundry facets of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), deployment of BlackBerry devices as well as BlackBerry- application development. As such it is targeted at system administrators and developers. Having been published in 2005, Professional BlackBerry is of course only current up to version 4.0 of the enterprise software. After describing the BES system architecture, the authors go into planning the first installation and deployment of the desktop software. Monitoring the BlackBerry environment and user management are followed by an interesting overview of desaster-recovery planning. Part II is for developers and describes the MDS and its simulators. Pushing content to BlackBerrys is then followed by developing Java applications and The Plazmic Media Engine. All in all, the book is valuable for the systems administrator or the developers planning to deploy a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, although I found the book is a bit “thin”; I’d have expected more in-depth information on the data flow between a BES and the device itself, as well as some insight to the internal structure of a BES server (configuration, databases, etc.). There is very little information about the myriad settings which can be deployed to devices, and the administration topics are a bit lacking as well. Be it coincidental or not, the WML examples in the development chapter look familiar to the ones in the BlackBerry Developer Journal and are by the same author. Are there no other examples to build upon?

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